Danna sings “We Could”


audio mp3=”https://dannasinternetcafe.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/13-we-could.mp3″

2 Responses to Danna sings “We Could”

  1. Bob Inhoff says:

    I do not know if you may remember me? My name is Bob Inhoff. I use to work with Joyce Reenee she sang I played bass a Frank Nuti (Butler) played a double 10 Sho Bud Pro II. I also use to work at a station in Kittanning WACB- I played Country Music on Sat. & Sun. Morning. AKA ” Bob Rogers ” If you ever need a bass player, Just call 724-527-3088. I play a 58 Fender P. Bass. I am still playing, Played last Sat. Night ot the Lamplighter Supper Club. ( old Country & Oldies).
    Just talked to Tony Barges buddy ” John Callinger ” from Monaca. John & I went to school together in Monaca.
    I thank you for your time …………….. Bob Inhoff


  2. Janet Hayward says:

    Very awesome!


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